11 Companies Certified to Manufacture Sanitizers as UNBS warns against fake brands in the Market

11 Companies Certified to Manufacture Sanitizers as UNBS warns against fake brands in the Market
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Government has released a list of 11 companies that have been certified to manufacture sanitizers to aid in suppression of the spread of the novel CoronaVirus. 

The companies include; Saraya Manufacturing Uganda Ltd, Geno-Hitech, Dei Natural Products International ltd, Rene Industries ltd and Premier Distillers ltd.
The other companies are; Kenlon Industries ltd, Hoima Sugar Ltd, Akhtabut Investments ltd, Armour Group ltd, Samaka Consults Uganda Limited and Sanit Hygiene-SMC Ltd.

The companies have been certified by the Uganda National Bureau of Standards, UNBS to begin the manufacturing process as of Wednesday 1st April 2020. 
This is meant to protect consumers from buying sanitizers that do not comply with the standards and harmful to their health, especially during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

UNBS also urged members of the public not to buy some 15 fake brands of sanitizers which include; Lovillea Gelly Cologne sanitizer, Blue ++ King Hand sanitizer-Aloe, Blue ++ King Hand sanitizer-peach, Yoza hand sanitizer, Oh Heavenly Crème Oil hand sanitizer, Steinfect instant hand sanitizer, Roxy hand sanitizer, Serene Instant Hand sanitizer, Mimi Hand sanitizer oil and LaFresh Instant hand sanitizer.

Other brands are; Quick flash instant hand sanitizer, Afro Royal instant hand sanitizer gel, Focus Instant hand sanitizer, Tuku Instant hand sanitizer, and Cal Stat Plus instant hand sanitizer.

According to UNBS, these failed the laboratory tests regarding the alcohol content (min 60% min v/v), pH: 6-8 and Bactericidal efficacy and are thus, not certified by the Bureau.

Government through the ministry of trade and Industries asked local industries to manufacture sanitizers following the COVID-19 outbreak in the country. 

Soon as Ugandans heard that the virus had reached Africa and Uganda in particular, they bought sanitizers and face masks in bulk, leaving some citizens without any protection means. The companies that were still manufacturing sanitizers also put a hefty amount of money on them. 

It is believed that since the newly certified companies will make them at zero tax, these will be affordable for every Ugandan.

Currently, the country remains on a 14 days mandatory lock down after 44 people tested positive for COVID-19. 

As of Thursday, 50,300 people have succumbed to the disease globally, while 983,554 people have tested positive for the disease.

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