Uganda’s Vulnerable Urban Poor to receive food relief from government starting this weekend

Uganda’s Vulnerable Urban Poor to receive food relief from government starting this weekend
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Ugandans who have been categorized as the ‘Vulnerable Urban Poor’ will on Saturday April 4the 2020, start receiving relief food bought by government to help them through the lock down that has been caused by the COVID-19. 

According to a letter from Office of the Prime Minister, distribution of food will begin from Kampala and Wakiso where it will cover at least 1.5 people.

Those in this category include; Taxi drivers, Boda boda riders, salon workers, and others that depend on their daily income to feed their families.

Government will give 6kgs of maize flour, 3kgs of beans and salt per head in the selected categories. This is supposed to help these people throughout the 14 days on lock down where they are not allowed to go to work.

Also, breastfeeding mothers as well as sick people in each community will receive powdered milk and sugar. The exercise will be overseen by the LC1 chairpersons and UPDF officers who are in charge of controlling crowds until the exercise is over.

Meanwhile, government has faced criticism from some Ugandans who say the amount of food is not enough to last people 14 days.   

Government has also been urged not to politicize the food distribution, but rather ensure that it is done fairly.

Crispin Kaheru the former Coordinator, CCEDU says government’s decision to distribute relief food to vulnerable communities is a welcome one, but people expect that government actively promotes a fair distribution system of this relief assistance. 

“Food distribution should indeed and in fact favor the vulnerable urban poor affected by the lockdown.  I call on government to avoid politicizing such relief efforts. Deserving citizens should be given priority to quickly and easily obtain this food, irrespective of their political affiliation, religious and ethnic background” Kaheru noted.

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