74 teachers Arrested in Kampala for Ignoring Presidential Directive 

74 teachers Arrested in Kampala for Ignoring Presidential Directive 
Photo: Unknown 2020-03-23T13:17:26Z

Police at Kiira Road station have arrested 53 teachers of Daffodils primary school and 21 teachers of Kabojja junior school for ignoring a Presidential directive to close all schools, in the wake of a CoronaVirus outbreak in Uganda.

Luke Owoyesigyire the Kampala Metropolitan Deputy Police spokesperson says five children were recovered at Kabojja Junior, and that preliminary reports indicate that they had come for interviews.

“Teachers and parents have all written statements and are currently held at Kiira Road. After they have all written statements, police will caution and let them go” Owoyesigyire noted.

He cautioned all school owners to close the premises and not to allow any parents, teachers or students. Owoyesigyire added that even those looking to fetch homework from teachers should not be allowed, but that everyone should follow the presidential orders.

“Let us all remain vigilant as police operations continue. We as police do not go looking for news, but concerned citizens call us. Wherever we are called, we shall come and arrest the school heads and teachers so they can face the wrath of the law.”

On Wednesday 18th March 2020, President Yoweri Museveni ordered that all schools in the country be closed by Midday Friday March 20th to avoid easy spreading of COVID19.

Currently, Uganda has only one positive case of the virus that wants to wipe humanity from the face of mother earth.

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