Police explains arrests of Religions Leaders in different parts of the country for conducting Sunday Prayers

Police explains arrests of Religions Leaders in different parts of the country for conducting Sunday Prayers
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Uganda Police Force has warned members of the public that there are consequences for willingly violating the health orders by the ministry of health, meant to slow down the spread of the Novel CoronaVirus. 

While addressing the weekly Press conference at Naguru on Monday, Fred Enanga the police Spokesperson said that on Friday, security teams enforced the orders of closing schools, religious centers and bars among other facilities and that culprits who continued to violate the rules were arrested depending on the situation.

In Iganga, Enanga says that 7 suspects were arrested from Pentecostal churches and another while preaching from Katete market. 14 bar owners were also arrested at Buwama in Mpigi District while operating village bars (Bufunda). 

On Sunday, two church leaders were arrested in Kisoro for disobedience of lawful orders. They included; Rev Father John Bazimenyera, a 70 year old male adult and a resident of Kabaya village, central ward, Kisoro municipality and Mbonyembyombi innocent, a 33 old male adult and pastor of Christ’s Ministries international Kisoro branch, resident of Gashegeshi village South ward, Kisoro district.“Their statements were recorded and the two released”.

Still in Mpigi, three pastors identified as Serwanga Edward, Asiimwe Jackie and Kenneth Clavel, a Briton, were arrested around 12midday preaching at Revelation Christian Cemtre in Katende, Mpigi district.

At 8am on Sunday, while at Taava Catholic Parish, Onduru Parish, Ajama Parish, Maracha district, Fr. Advioric Jino Geria was summoned for conducting mass in the Parish, and charged with disobedience of lawful orders. He was later released on police bond.  

In Aswa region, 23 people were arrested including Saverino Lukoya, 96, from a cult, in Tororo about 1000 people were celebrating last funeral rights on 21/3/2020 at around 10pm in the home of Oboi Tanga, they were dispersed and Moses Cyrus Kibong Owor, arrested for inciting violence.

Meanwhile, 6 people who dodged the quarantine in Entebbe were traced in Nyendo Masaka and quarantined at Masaka Referal Hospital.  They include; Kiiza Godfrey Kadogo, 43; Nakyaza Margret, 60, Nakitto Janat 57; Nakakeeto Kaluthum 24, Sulaiman Lukyamuzi, 60 and Bunenya Richard.

“The refusal of all the above to comply with the new health protocols presents a threat to Public Health and Safety” Enanga warned.

He added that the threat of the virus has not stopped crime and that officers are still patrolling their jurisdictions and investigating crimes.  

“We are asking them to remain vigilant and limit exposure when responding to medical concerns. We have also prioritized prevention by reducing contact with people, reduced detentions, limiting visitors to our stations, expanding online policing options, encouraged reporting by phones, increased hygiene in our offices and vehicles” he noted.

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