Buganda Clan Leaders Advised to stop selling Land

Buganda Clan Leaders Advised to stop selling Land
Photo: Unknown 2020-01-27T10:12:49Z

The Prime Minister of Buganda, Peter Mayiga has advised Baganda to stop selling clan land and later turning to the kingdom to repossess it.

The Katikiro was speaking at Bulange Mengo on Monday during the ongoing 3rd seating of the 27h Lukiiko. He argued that a one Stanley Kijjambu of Mamba clan who wants the kingdom to help him save clan land, had sold the same to an individual who has no relations to the same clan.

He urged them to be loyal to the Buganda anthem which they have taught to children and keep the glory of the kingdom as individuals instead of messing up and expecting the Kingdom to sort their issues.

He asked that muluka chiefs and other kingdom leaders should help identify potential buyers for certain clan land that can help keep it within the kingdom instead of selling it to outsiders.

Land remains one of the treasures of the largest kingdom in Uganda and has severally caused controversy.

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