Man murders wife, son, takes own life in Gulu

Man murders wife, son, takes own life in Gulu
Photo: Unknown 2020-01-27T08:12:29Z

The police in Gulu have found a lifeless body of a man from Omoro district who disappeared after murdering his wife and six months old son. 

The deceased is 27 year-old Vincent Onencan whose body was found under a jack fruit tree in Negri Village in Bardege Division Gulu Municipality on Friday afternoon, was wanted for the murder of his wife, Prossy Apiyo and their son, Joshua Onencan.  

The duo’s decomposing bodies were found locked in their house in Oluba Village in Kal Parish Ongako Sub County on Thursday last week.

According to Patrick Jimmy Okema, the Aswa River Region Police Spokesperson, Onencan`s body was found lying in a bush next to a packet of carbofuron, one of the most toxic pesticides which the deceased is believed to have ingested to end his life. 

Ongako Sub County LC3 Chairperson William Ocitti, says Onencan called his brother only identified as Odongpiny and notified him that he was going to commit suicide.    

Onencan allegedly told his bother that he was tired of life and had considered ending it. While the brother tried to find him, the deceased declined to pick their repeated phone calls until when it emerged late that he was found dead.  

The couple had a rocky marriage until last Tuesday when Onencan`s wife was last seen. Police and local authorities on Thursday broke into Onencan`s house due to a stench and swarm of flies only to find the woman and her son dead inside.

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