Police Investigates Death by Suicide of Boda Boda Cyclist 

Police Investigates Death by Suicide of Boda Boda Cyclist 
Photo: Unknown 2020-01-13T20:41:32Z

The police in Rukungiri, particularly at Bwooma police post are investigating circumstances underwhich a boda boda rider committed suicide 

The case was brought to the police by Tushabomwe Amos the chairman lC1, Kanyabirara cell, Masya parish Nyakagyeme subcounty Rukungiri district of one Mbabazi Narris 33 years muhororo, bodaboda rider of the same address who committed suicide over the weekend.

According to Maate the Kigezi regional police spokesperson, it is alleged that on the 10/01/2020  around 0700 hours, one Tumukwasibwe Sylvia wife of Mbabazi Narris the deceased came from the garden and  found the deceased dressed up in his casual clothes seemingly that was going for his bodaboda work as usual, instead went away leaving the motorcycle at home. 

However, the deceased did not return home at night but this did not bother the wife as very often he would stay out for nights especially at funeral rights of friends.

She however became worried when on the 11/01/2020 around 17:30 hrs when he still wasn't home and went to Nyabugando trading centre to inquire from one Claire who operates a bar.

Sylivia's worries were accelerated when Claire told her that Narris har asked for Booze but later changed mind and asked for ambush that is used to spray cabbages. Claire later directed the deceased to Katongole who sells Ambush and he went away. 

Sylivia informed the relatives who started searching for him until Monday morning around 1000 hrs when was discovered leaning against a tree,  with arope around the neck in the bush at kanyankoni hill. 

Police was notified, visited the scene. It was also realized that about two years ago the deceased took poison but was rushed to Nyakibare hospital and survived, that also on several occasions he has been telling his wife that will kill himself one time hence the suspicion of suicide. 

Body was taken to Rwakabengo health center 3 mortuary pending postmortem.

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