I am not a thief – Museveni tells Ugandans

I am not a thief – Museveni tells Ugandans
Photo: Unknown 2019-12-04T09:11:57Z

President Yoweri Museveni has said corrupt officials are parasites who are eating money that does belong to them. The president is this morning speaking at Kololo grounds following the Anti-Corruption walk he participated in this morning.

While delivering his speech, the president said he has been watching in the last 60 years of Uganda, he has not seen corrupt people being successful sustainably. “Kilabika obugaga bwobubbi bulimu ekisilani. Mbadde wano okumala emyaka 60 nendaba abali benguzi naye tebalina bugagga, kilabika bilimu ebisilani” he said.

He says the corrupt are bad investors who can’t show any results of their wealth. He quoted the Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanya’s words that “If you have not stolen, throw the first stone,” Museveni offered to throw it first as he has never stolen.

“I have never stolen yet I am rich. Bring me someone here and I will stone them” he said.

He challenged Ugandans to do research and see that most people who steal are never successful. “People with money can be corrupt also, and in fact many of them are corrupt.”

The president directed government agencies like URA, IGG and Anti-graft State house unit to stop recruiting workers based on qualification papers, but rather integrity. He also warned that all corrupt officials should not think they have got a way with it as he will arrest them all.

He urged police to ask members of public for help in fighting corruption. Mr. Museveni wondered how the GISO can fail to know what it is happening in his area, when he can take advantage of residents. 

“The walk was also good for fitness. I am always very fit, but I had also put on weight, I had gone to 160kgs, I wasn’t caring about it. But after the health walk, the doctors woke us up and I am now 76kgs. I think obesity is also part of corruption” the president said as he ended his speech.

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