Police Officers in Trouble for Selling Ammunition

Police Officers in Trouble for Selling Ammunition
Photo: Unknown 2019-11-19T07:21:36Z

Two Special Police constables Beatrice Akello and James Canrac are in custody in Kitgum District over illegal sales of ammunition.

The officers attached to Kitgum Matidi Police Post and Bus Park Police post respectively, were arrested over the weekend.

William Komakech the Kitgum Resident District Commissioner says that the duo was picked following intelligence that they were illegally trading in ammunition after they reportedly sold 16 bullets each at 5,000 shillings to a lady identified only as Irene, a resident of Lajang village in Pajimo parish in Labongo Akwang Sub County on unknown day.

Whereas security personnel were able to recover some bullets from the buyer, Komakech says undisclosed numbers of bullets are still missing.   

The police officers are currently detained at Kitgum Central Police station charged with misuse of ammunition pending further investigation while their business partner, who is also detained at the same facility, is being interrogated over possibilities of being a serial dealer in ammunition and threat to local security.

The RDC lauded locals who tipped off police leading to arrest of the suspects and called in the public to be watchful and timely inform security personnel and leaders of such illicit trade.

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