Business man in Agony after Acid Attack from 11 year old Boy

Business man in Agony after Acid Attack from 11 year old Boy
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Unidentified 11-year-old boy is in trouble after the Kira Road Division police mounted a hunt for him on allegations that he poured acid on a businessman, Shafik Agaba.

According to Police Spokesperson, Fred Enanga the unidentified boy approached Agaba’s shop at around 9:30 pm on Sunday evening holding a jug containing liquid, Agaba, who was inside the shop moved closer to inquire on what the boy wanted from the shop, only for the child to pour the liquid on him.

The victim sustained injuries on the arm and some part of the head. However, the boy fled as Agaba screamed for help.

Agaba was rescued by residents who rushed him to Naguru hospital where he is currently receiving treatment for the sustained acid burns and also alerted police.
Enanga says that preliminary investigations indicate that boy could have been hired by former husband to Agaba’s wife who was sending him death threats in form of texts, calls and confrontation.

Now, Kira Road police have teamed with Kyebando police to hunt for the boy and residents said they had earlier seen the boy in area but they were yet to get particulars about his parents, residence and name.

Enanga adds that police have sent a team to trace for the former husband to Agaba’s wife in order to understand whether he could have hired the minor to pour acid on Agaba.

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