Five Notorious Criminals Arrested in Fort Portal

Five Notorious Criminals Arrested in Fort Portal
Photo: Unknown 2019-10-07T18:51:34Z

Bullets rocked Fort Portal town on Monday afternoon when police arrested suspected criminals in an operation that left residents in panic. 

Solom Mugisa the Rwenzori West Community Liaison Officer told our reporter that the police officers were forced to fire bullets after the criminals tried to resist arrest around Mpanga Market.  

According to Mugisa, 24 suspects were arrested during the operation. Some of the suspects whose names that appeared earlier on Police's wanted list and believed to be behind a number of crimes that have been committed in the town and Kabarole district since this year started were also arrested.

Some of the notorious crimes include murder, rape, theft of bodabodas and livestock, robberies, and house-break-ins among others. Mugisa added that at least five people have been killed in Kabarole district over the past two months.

All the suspects will be screened for prosecution.

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