Kitgum man in trouble for attempting to inherit late Uncle’s widow

Kitgum man in trouble for attempting to inherit late Uncle’s widow
Photo: Unknown 2019-09-18T10:44:20Z

A man in Kitgum has been sentenced to one-month of community service by the Magistrates’ Court after he allegedly threatened his uncle’s widow for objecting to his advances to inherit her.

Court presided over by the Grade one magistrate Paul Obuya heard that Denis Omara 29, a resident of Tangi Agoro village, in Kitgum district tried to forcefully inherit the 34-year-old widow Betty Aloyo. 

On May 15, 2019, the accused went to the widow’s house making advances of inheriting her with promises of protecting her and further demanded bathing water and soap to be taken for him in the bathing shelter, which the complainant declined to oblige to. 

This did not go down well with Omara who rushed to his house and returned with a machete threatening to kill the widow for allegedly disrespecting him and failing to heed to his inheritance advances. 

The matter was reported to the village council and a case of threatening violence, causing bodily harm and forceful inheritance registered against Omara at the police station. The suspect was apprehended and later remanded to Kitgum Central Government Prison.  

According to witnesses and close family members, Omara had for long been telling friends, family and clan members about his desire to inherit his late uncle’s wife. 

He pleaded guilty to the charges and asked the court to offer him a lenient sentence and pleaded never to repeat the advances or threatening the widow’s life. 

Paul Obuya the Grade One Magistrate sentenced Omara to community service where he will be expected to maintain general cleanliness at the court premises and its environs for a period of one month. During the time, Omara will spend at least two hours every day working at the court premises.

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