UNEB Releases 2019 Primary Leaving Examinations Timetable

UNEB Releases 2019 Primary Leaving Examinations Timetable
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The Uganda National Examinations Board, UNEB has released the 2019 Primary Leaving Examinations Timetable. According to the Timetable, pupils will begin the examinations with briefing on Friday November 1st before sitting their first paper on Monday 4th November.

They will start with Mathematics on Monday morning and later sit Social Studies/Religious Education in the afternoon. On Tuesday 5th November, candidates will sit for Integrated science in the morning and English later in the afternoon.

Dan N Odongo the UNEB Executive Secretary requested all Head Teachers to ensure that all necessary steps are taken to bring the instructions to the notice of the candidates who are to take the examinations this year. 

“Headteachers and P.7 teachers are advised to make sure that the candidates are carefully briefed to follow the instructions. Parents are also encouraged where possible to attend these briefings” he cautioned.

Adding that after briefing, there should be no more teaching/coaching. 

The Executive Secretary also warned candidates, parents and teachers against malpractice, saying this will lead to disqualification of a candidate and cancellation of the entire results. 

According to Odongo, some of the malpractices they are looking out for include; Smuggling of unauthorized material inside the examination room, copying from one another or collusion, external assistance given by teachers, supervisors, invigilators and any other persons, prior knowledge of examination questions (leakage) and Impersonation (i.e. hiring somebody else to sit the examination).

Others are; another person, rather than the duly registered candidate sitting the examination, improper behavior e.g. making noise, disobeying, threatening and attacking Scouts, Supervisors, Invigilators; Substitution of examination scripts, Irregularity e.g. taking longer time than that stated on the Question Paper, any other cases that shall be deemed to have interfered with the proper conduct of the examination, teaching of candidates after briefing and writing another candidate’s Number or name on your script.

“You should note that breach of the directions/regulations, irregularity, misconduct or dishonesty (cheating) in connection with UNEB examinations will lead to cancellation of results of a candidate or all candidates at a centre. Failure to comply with the instructions above will lead to disqualification from the examination” Odongo warned.

He encouraged candidates and all concerned persons should report directly to the Board any person (could be another candidate, teacher, headteacher, invigilator, supervisor, scout or even a UNEB official) suspected to be indulging in examination malpractice.

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