Man sentenced to 20 years in jail for defiling 15 year old mute girl

Man sentenced to 20 years in jail for defiling 15 year old mute girl
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A security guard in Masaka is to spend 20 years behind bars after the High Court found him guilty of defiling a 15-year- old girl. The sentence was this morning read by Justice Dr. Winfred Nabisinde who found Jorum Tumwekwase guilty of defiling a mute girl.     

State Prosecutor Amina Akasa proved to court that while at Masaka School of the Deaf on September 1, 2018, Tumwekwase who was on guard duties dragged his victim to his room where he forcefully had sex with her. 

Court also heard that Tumwekwase breached the trust the school proprietors had in him when he defiled the victim instead of protecting her and therefore asked Court to give Tumwekwase a long custodial sentence so as to serve as an example to other men in society who sexually abuse People with disabilities. 

However, Alexender Lule the defense lawyer told court that Tumwekwase is remorseful for his actions and asked court to give him a lenient sentence since he didn’t waste courts time. 

Justice Nabisinde in her judgment said that the practice of people forcing young girls into sex is rampant in Masaka region, adding that court has the duty of protecting young girls from sexual assault.  

The judge concurred with the state that the Tumwekwase be given a deterrent punishment to send a message to other people with similar intentions to commit such as offences. 

Justice Nabisinde further condemned the high cases of sexual harassment of disabled girls in Masaka region, saying there is need for local leaders to address the challenge. 

She therefore handed Tumwekwase 20 years in jail, but reduced one year the convict spent on remand and another since he pleaded guilty to the offense and saved court’s time.

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