FDC says Quality Supermarket Shooting was fate

FDC says Quality Supermarket Shooting was fate
Photo: Unknown 2019-07-15T10:59:37Z

The opposition Forum for Democratic Change, FDC has mourned the 26-year-old Arnold Ainebyona Mugisha who was shot dead at quality supermarket by a security guard.

During the weekly party press conference at Najjanankumbi this morning, Chairman Amb. Wasswa Birigwa the party chairman said the late Ainebyona’s father brought out an important issue when he alleged that his son’s death was due to tribalism.

However, Birigwa says the death of the Youngman had nothing to do with tribalism, “it was his fate unfortunately, and we should treat it as that.” 

But he adds that several Ugandans feel like people from a certain area have monopolized the wealth and power of the nation, and hence the anger sometimes comes out when a loss happens. 

“What we have in Uganda is those who have and those who do not have. Unemployment of many youth is prevalent, a lot of people go hungry, so there is anger. But the anger comes because of our nation having overlooked our politics” Birigwa says.

He explains that Uganda’s politics is in such a state that it is almost exploding as those in power are not listening. Amb. Birigwa says having CCTV, more guns and LDUs all over the country will not help. He says that until Ugandans begin to secure each other, the nation will not be safe. 

“The cameras can only record what takes place, we can see someone who kills, apprehend the killer, but someone is already dead. It is so unfortunate that the police here is now a branch of UPDF as you have seen many generals have joined the police” Birigwa says.

He argues that UPDF and its generals should be keeping Ugandans safe instead of taking over police. The chairman says Uganda needs to go back to the drawing board and come up with new ideas on how to secure the country.

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