Local Government officials Appearing before Anti-Corruption Court over loss of UGX 222m

Local Government officials Appearing before Anti-Corruption Court over loss of UGX 222m
Photo: Unknown 2019-06-28T08:32:57Z

The Anti-corruption court is this morning hearing a case in which three senior officials from the Local Government Ministry are accused of corruption related offenses. 

The officers are; Issa Gumonye, the Assistant Commissioner for Urban Administration, Prossy Nampijja, a Senior Urban Officer and Ronald Mbala, an Urban Officer, together with Martin Hashaka Ahishakiye, the Manager of Hayat Guest House in Industrial division in Mbale Municipality.  

The duo is wanted for abuse of office, causing government a financial loss, conspiracy to defraud and embezzling more than Shillings 222 million while Hashaka is wanted for conspiracy to defraud.  

The charge sheet prepared by Brenda Kimbugwe, the Head of Prosecution in the Inspectorate of Government indicates that in the 2014/2015 financial year, while employed as an Assistant Commissioner in the Local Government Ministry, Gumonye stole Shillings 222M.

The money was a property of government of Uganda and he reportedly accessed it by virtue of his office.  

The charge sheet also alleged that in the same year, Gumonye received Shillings 394, 922,200 from government to travel to various districts in the country for routine field inspections and monitoring of government functions but didn’t visit some of the district hence causing government financial loss of more than Shillings 222 million. 

It further shows that Gumonye, Nampijja, and Mbala abused their offices when they failed to travel to some districts to for routine inspections. “By so doing, the trio did an arbitrary act prejudicial to the interests of their employer,” it reads.   

It also alleges that between July 2014 and June 2015, Gumonye, Nampijja, and Mbala conspired to defraud the government of when they claimed to have facilitated a training workshop at Hayat Guest house in Mbale whereas not.

Now, Hashaka is particularly accused of conspiring with Gumonye to defraud the government of Uganda when he claimed to have provided services for training at Hayat Guest House in Mbale, which isn’t true. Justice Irene Mulyagonja the Inspector General of Government, has consented to the charges.

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