Kanungu Health authorities worried after Suspected Ebola Victims escaped from Isolation Unit

Kanungu Health authorities worried after Suspected Ebola Victims escaped from Isolation Unit
Photo: Unknown 2019-06-13T08:48:15Z

District health authorities are worried after three suspected Ebola victims who escaped from the isolation clinic at Kihihi Health Centre IV in Kihihi town council in Kanungu district. 

The trio includes; Saddi Muhima 46, his son Issa Muhima 19 and Milton Nsenga, all from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). 

They were admitted in isolation when they presented with Ebola like symptom shortly after arriving at Munyaga border crossing in Western ward in Butogota town council in Kanungu district from DRC on Wednesday morning. 

The trio presented with high temperatures, one of the signs of the hemorrhagic fever forcing Ebola surveillance officials to rush them Kihihi health Centre IV for monitoring. 

Kato Besisira, the Kanungu Health Inspector says the trio escaped as the health workers were preparing to draw blood samples from them and rush them to Uganda Virus Research Institute-UVRI Entebbe for examination. 

The trio is believed to have crossed back to DRC using the porous borders, and this has triggered panic in the district. 

On Tuesday evening, the Health minister, Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng announced an Ebola outbreak after a five year boy from the Democratic Republic of Congo-DRC tested positive with Ebola and later died from the virus shortly after crossing into Kasese district.

On Wednesday, the minister announced that two other people had tested positive with the virus while seven suspected cases were also registered at Ebola Treatment Unit at Bwera Hospital in Mpondwe-Lhubiriha town council. 

As of last week, the World Health Organization confirmed that a total of 2,025 Ebola cases had been reported in DRC. 1,357 deaths have been recorded in the country since the outbreak was declared.

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