Female escort arrested for sedating, robbing clients

Female escort arrested for sedating, robbing clients
Photo: Unknown 2019-05-24T10:35:23Z

Police Flying Squad Unit in Kampala Metropolitan Police area has in custody a woman who is alleged to have been sedating unsuspecting male revelers before stealing their property. 

The suspect identified as Jackie Aine Mbabazi has been targeting men in entertainment places and lure them into a sexual affair but later lace sedatives in their drinks while they are hanging out or at the victims' homes.

When she realizes the victim has been knocked down by the sedatives, she contacts her friends, who come and steal all the victim's property before they flee the residence. 

“She is to appear at City Hall Court on charges of theft as soon as her file is sanctioned. We want to caution men to always be very careful while interacting with women you meet for the first time in these bars. 

When you are having a drink with a stranger, constantly keep an eye on it” police says.

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