Our borders are open; Uganda responds to Rwanda on accusations of closing border

Our borders are open; Uganda responds to Rwanda on accusations of closing border
Photo: Unknown 2019-03-13T16:16:10Z

Uganda has refuted claims by neighboring Rwanda that it closed her borders leaving Rwandans stranded. 

In a statement released on Wednesday, Hon.Sam Kuteesa the foreign affairs minister says since February 28th when the government of Rwanda released an advisory against the travel of its nationals to Uganda, flow of traffic from Uganda to Rwanda has been continuing normally.

The minister adds that 41 transactions have been processed at Cyanika border post, 85 at Katuna border ( for light vehicles that were being allowed to cross over) and 311 at mirama hills.

He however notes that exports from Uganda have been prohibited by the Rwandan government but authorities are only allowing goods destined for the Democratic Republic of Congo or other places through Rwanda. 

He also blames the Rwandan authorities of banning the crossing over of vehicles carrying goods from Rwanda to Uganda, and introducing an export permit for those that intend to export goods to Uganda. "This is a technical and non-tarrif barrier to trade, to which there has been no successful applicant. In effect, this is a trade embargo on bilateral trade with Uganda" the minister warns.

Hon. Kuteesa reiterated that the Ugandan borders remain open and operating normally. "Government of Uganda is not restricting any movement of people and goods from Uganda into Rwanda. However, there have been anf remain restrictions on the movement of goods and people from Rwanda destinef for Uganda" he further warns.

He says that Uganda remains committed to the free movement of goods and people across its borders in line with the regional and continental frameworks.

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