Police officers decry salary deductions

Police officers decry salary deductions
Photo: Unknown 2019-03-06T11:48:59Z

At least 30,000 police officers have been affected by the new move by Uganda police force management to deduct money off their salaries set for contribution to Exodus Sacco.

At least 3,000 officers have complained to the human resource administration over the salary cuts which they claim were not communicated prior.

The deductions which have been on since November 2018 affect officers from the rank of police constable to Senior Commissioner of Police range between Shillings 20,000 and 50,000.  

According to the new structure, officers at the rank of Superintendent of Police who are entitled to Shillings 991,000 now receive 941,000 Shillings after a deduction of Shillings 50,000 is made.

It is however said that in October 2018, the police leadership discovered that many officers were earnings in the excess of between Shillings 20,000 and 50,000 and resolved that the payroll system be updated and streamlined taking into consideration the ranks of different officers and their period of service. 

According to Police standing orders a police officer’s salary is increased by 10,000 Shillings every year they spend on a rank in order for senior officers earn more than their juniors. 

CP Fred Enanga the Police spokesperson says it is the resolution of PAC that is currently being implemented to ensure that the officers begin earning the exact salary they should be earning so that no one is getting an excess or reduction. 

He argues that there are different categories of people in the salary mess, including officers getting an excess, senior officer whose salaries have not been adjusted with the Shillings 10,000 annual increase, officers with art academic qualifications who have been earning salaries of Scientists and Scientists who have not been earning their profession fees.

“The exercise begun in November and it is two way. But those ones who are junior and have not had their salaries adjusted to that junior rank are getting an adjustment upwards” he noted.

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