Kitata denies leadership of the infamous Boda boda 2010 gang

Kitata denies leadership of the infamous Boda boda 2010 gang
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Former boda boda 2010 leader, Hajji Abdullah Kitatta has this afternoon denied owning a gun, live bullets and possessing any military uniforms in his 40 years of life.

Kitata was being guided by his lawyer Shaban Sanywa during his appearance before the military court martial in Makindye where he begun defence.

During his last appearance in December 2018, court under the chairmanship of Lt. Gen. Andrew Guti decided that Kitata along with 9 others have a case to answer.

itata and his co-accused are charged with illegal possession of guns, bullets and military uniforms, a luxury of the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces, UPDF.

But today while giving a sworn in defence, Kitata told court that he is innocent and has never to his knowledge been in possession of the named materials. Adding that he has witnesses who can defend his not guilty plea. 

He also denied being the leader of boda boda 2010. When asked how he came to have a body guard, Kitatta replied that during the 2010 Buganda Kingdom riots , he reached out to his party's national chairman Presidnet M7 for his security concerns who in turn also delegated  former police chief Gen Kale Kayihura, who also asked the late Felix Kaweesi who gave him a body guard. 

He adds that only his body guard had guns which he, Kitata did not have access to.

Court has consequently been adjourned to 21st January when defence hearing will continue.

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