DP responds to FDC Ridicule over IPOD Summit; reiterates commitment to the organization

DP responds to FDC Ridicule over IPOD Summit; reiterates commitment to the organization
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The opposition Democratic Party, DP has reiterated her commitment to the values of the Interparty Organization for Dialogue, despite continued criticism by their FDC counterparts.

The announcement was made on Tuesday by Gerald Siranda, the party acting secretary general. In a statement, Siranda says that following the Summit meeting of IPOD Principals on Wednesday last week, the party now understands that President Yoweri Museveni does not think transition is a key issue, and that the party believes transition is the most important question facing the country.

“In a situation where Museveni is adamant, we have two things to consider; we need to try and get him to change his mind using various political measures available to the democracy seeking forces or if he remains adamant then we have to push him out through positive non violent action” Siranda says.

He adds that IPOD offers the party an opportunity to constructively engage with the view to shaping the future of the country together. Siranda describes Museveni as one that has a central role to play in the transition debate.

Mr. Siranda says the absence of FDC in the summit is regrettable. “But even more regrettable is the attempt by those who speak for FDC to heap insults on those who participated in the summit in good faith. We planted a seed and we think it is unfair, naïve and shortsighted to demand that we show the harvest immediately. Nevertheless, we remain steadfast that sanity will prevail over petty radicalism and demagoguery” the DP SG writes.

He adds that FDC’s stance to abuse DP is unfortunate since it is an IPOD member, expected to support rather than undermine IPOD.

It is to be remembered that FDC led by the party president Patrick Amuriat, it boycotted the summit claiming the invitation had been sent to them late and they did not agree with the set agenda. At the summit, DP was made elected into the IPOD Presidency, taking over from UPC.

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