Health ministry vaccinates over 100 Health workers against Ebola in Kanungu

Health ministry vaccinates over 100 Health workers against Ebola in Kanungu
Photo: Unknown 2018-12-14T10:40:42Z

The ministry of health has vaccinated at least 153 health workers in Kanungu district against Ebola, as part of the ways to avoid an outbreak in the country. 

The ministry announced that the vaccine-rVSV-ZEBOV being used is the first highly effective Ebola vaccine that has been created and also used in West Africa and recently in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Dr Annet Kisaakye, an official from the World Health Organization (WHO), says the 153 are health workers who are trained to deal with Ebola victims. 

The Kanungu District Health Officer, Dr Stephen Ssebude asked the Ministry of Health to liaise with WHO and ensure that they also vaccinate security personnel especially police and Uganda Peoples Defense Forces (UPDF) soldiers who patrol the Uganda-RDC border points.

Ssebude also says that vaccinated health workers were from 15 health facilities.

These include; Bwindi Community Hospital, Kambuga Hospital, Kyeshero health centre III, Kayonza tea factory Health centre III ,Kihihi Health Centre IV ,Kanyantorogo Health centre IV,Kihembe  IIi,Matanda Health Centre  III Ntungamu health centre iii,Kayonza health centre II,Kazinga health centre II,Bushere health centre II,Bihomborwa health centre II, Nyamwegabira health centre II and Bugiri health centre II. 

He also adds that vaccination will take place at seven entry points along the border which include; Ishasha, Mwanjari, Rukarara, Butogota, Kyabuyorwa, Kyeshero and Kashenyi.

According to WHO, nearly 300 people have died from the highly contagious disease since August 2018 around the city of Beni, with more than 300 confirmed or probable cases.

Last month, 640 health workers were vaccinated against Ebola in Ntoroko and Kasese districts.

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