Parliament lauds Speaker Kadaga for Position against Homosexuality at IPU Summit

Parliament lauds Speaker Kadaga for Position against Homosexuality at IPU Summit
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Members of parliament on Wednesday showered speaker Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga for consistently upholding and protecting Uganda's cultural values during the 139th Inter Parliamentary Union  Assembly which took place in Geneva. 

On Wednesday afternoon, a motion to honor Kadaga for voting against homosexuality during the summit was moved by Hon Nsaba Buturo.

“The motion seeks to congratulate the Speaker and urge her to remain firm in her persistent commitment to uphold African Values. We appeal to members of the IPU parliament and the international community to respect cultural values and aspirations of each member state” Buturo said.

The motion to congratulate the Speaker on her position against homosexuality was seconded by Hon Santa Alum.

He added that it should be resolved that Parliament urges government to identify and deal firmly with NGOs which serve as the main conduit for dissemination and promotion of homosexuality and other decadent practices in Uganda.

“We urge all Ugandans to wholly remain firm in defense of our values and opposition to foreign sexual practices such as homosexuality” Buturo added.

The former Ethics minister, now Bufumbira East MP explained that this is not the first time the speaker has engaged in these battles. “Every time you have emerged victorious. You championed a worthy cause. Both your persistence and leadership at these meetings has shown Ugandans your true character.”

State Minister for housing Dr Chris Baryomunsi explained that Homosexuality after thorough research was found to be a leraned behavior which could be avoided.

We have studied the matter and found evidence that homosexuality is a behavior learnt in adult life and not a genetic disposition. We should be firm in resisting these behaviors. There is no science to it at all; it is learnt” Dr. Baryomunsi told parliament.

Dokolo South MP Hon Felix Okot Ogong praised Kadaga for being very consistent. “She is not like a chameleon. Most politicians in Uganda are like chameleons. Madam Speaker, you have been consistent with your position against homosexuality.”

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