Museveni gifts UGX 2.5bn to Kampala NRM youth

Museveni gifts UGX 2.5bn to Kampala NRM youth
Photo: Unknown 2018-11-07T12:15:27Z

The ruling National Resistance Movement party youths in Kampala are smiling ear to ear after President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni pledged to gift them Uganda shilling 2.5 billion. 

The good news was carried in a message delivered by Lucy Nakyobe the State House comptroller, who met the excited Kampala NRM youth at Biyem Hotel in Mengo on this morning, weeks after president Museveni's Kampala tour last month where he also dished out billions of Shillings to different groups. He sent Nakyobe to the youth after they complained that they had been sidelined during the tour.  

They had initially presented a washing bay project costing Uganda shilling 796 million. They told Mr. Museveni that the washing bays are already operational in five Kampala divisions, but are in dire state and require modern car machines and water pumps. 

According to their leader Sarah Natukunda, who also presented the project proposal, the project is meant to uplift Kampala youth from poverty.  

Nakyobe told the hungry youth that the President would fulfil their request of washing bay machines and water pumps, before announcing that budgets for each division will be increased to Uganda shilling 500 million with money for washing bays inclusive.  

She further reveale that the youth had not been abandoned, but that plans were in advanced stages to meet them.

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