Ministry of health announces planned Ebola Vaccination 

Ministry of health announces planned Ebola Vaccination 
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Ugandans living in the areas of Bundibugyo, Bunyangabu, Kasese, Kabarole and Ntorokop will benefit first from the Ebola vaccination exercise set to be rolled out next week.

The development was revealed by Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng the health minister this morning. However, last week the ministry denied any presence of the virus in Uganda.

“On 26/10/2018, A patient died suddenly in Bwindi Hospital,Kanungu District after presenting with symptoms like bleeding. The patient is reported to have died a few hours after arrival at the hospital. 

Samples taken off from the deceased were sent to UVRI for testing. Results indicated the sample was NEGATIVE for Ebola and Marburg.

Therefore, there is NO suspected or confirmed case of Ebola in Uganda.

Uganda is EBOLA free” the ministry wrote on its facebook page.

But this morning, minister Aceng revealed that they have received approval from Institutional Review Board to use the Ebola Zaire vaccine on compassionate grounds. 

“We shall consider the health workers first because they are the most at risk once an Ebola case comes to a facility or is detected anywhere. Next will be looking at the populations most at risk, those at the posts with the Democratic Republic of Congo” she explained.

According to Dr. Aceng, a total of 3000 people will benefit from the vaccination, while Shillings 1 trillion is required for the exercise.

Ebola broke out in neighboring DRC in May this year and has so far claimed 135 lives. 232 cases have been confirmed. 

So far, Uganda’s health ministry insists there is no Ebola case reported yet, and vaccination is just a precautionary measure.

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