What You Need To Know About The New NSSF GO Mobile APP

What You Need To Know About The New NSSF GO Mobile APP
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What is the NSSF GO Mobile App?

The “NSSF GO APP” is a mobile application through which NSSF members can access selected services and keep track of their savings at their convenience.

The App was originally launched in 2014 and has been upgraded to make it more user friendly and give members more access to more products and services conveniently.

Target audience for the NSSF Go Mobile App

All NSSF Members (employers and their employees)

Benefits of the NSSF GO Mobile App to members

  • It is simple and convenient
  • It is secure.
  • Members can track their savings history from the time of registrations with the Fund and are able to see total contributed by each employer.
  • Voluntary savers and employers whose contributions are less than shs4m can complete the entire contributions process using the App.

New features added to the upgraded NSSF Go Mobile App

  • Contributions payment: Members can now seamlessly complete their NSFF payments using the app through a simple 4-step process. You should however be subscribed to either Airtel or MTN money for this. Employers also still require a Transaction Reference Number from the e- collections portal to complete the payment process.
  • E- Statement: You can get your account information including interest earned from the time you started contributing and the last contribution received on your account. This information can be sliced and diced in many different ways for example  sorting  information by employer, by amount, by date, by entry type (interest or normal contribution), e.t.c.
  • Contacts update : You can update your email & phone number yourself without going to any NSSF offices
  • Retirement projections: It shows the projected balance you will have at any age at a specific interest based on your current salary.
  • Simple log-ins : You don't need to remember your NSSF number now. Simply enter your registered phone number (i.e. the number on which you receive your monthly sms alerts). The app will verify this number and automatically log you into your NSSF account.
  • Profile Summary : This shows your NSSF number, registered phone, email, and the date  you started making contributions to the Fund.
  • Salary Growth Rate : The app takes your average annual salary and determines an annual growth rate based on linear regression. You can also get the trend of your average annual salary.
  • Employment History : Shows the employee any contributions  received from where, and how much you have saved in total.
  • Direct contact to your Relationship Manger through call or email

How to make your contributions payment using the new NSSF Go Mobile App Feature

  • Step 1: Click the pay contributions round button in from the menu
  • Step 2: Select Individual or Employer based on who you is paying. By default, the app will populate your NSSF number, phone number, the amount of the last contribution you made.
  • Step 3: Authorize the mobile money transaction once prompted.
  • Step 4: Track the status of your contribution on the contributions button.



How to Download the Mobile App

You can download the app on Google Play Store and Apple Play Store

How do I start using the Mobile app?

The App is easy to use. You don't need to remember your NSSF number. Simply download or update the app, enter your registered phone number (i.e. the number to which we send monthly sms alerts). The app will verify this number and automatically log you into your NSSF account.

It is a one time login requirement and thereafter, you can use the app without need to input your contact details again unlike before.

Size of the Mobile App


Total Loading Time

Less than a second for the app to load and can show you your home information even offline

Security Features

Because your NSSF savings is your private information, there is an in app feature where the user can lock the app by choosing the PIN option. This means that instead of one step login, when you open the app, you will be asked to put in your PIN every time you want to access it.

Other Important Information on the app

  • Contact Details including locating nearest branches
  • Toll Free Contact Number
  • USSD and SMS options
  • Information about NSSF


Future updates to the NSSF GO Mobile APP

  • Simplified member registrations: This will be through a partnership with National Identification and Registration Authority. In future, you won’t need to come to NSSF offices for registration : Your information will simply be picked from NIRA to create for you an NSSF on account on request.
  • Convenient Employer registrations in partnership with Uganda Registration Services Bureau
  • Registrations will be done anytime, anytime, beyond normal business hours using the app.
  • Benefits claims: Eligible customers will be able to initiate their benefits claims and track progress using the app.



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