President Museveni Inspects CCTV Project, says security is ready to capture criminals

President Museveni Inspects CCTV Project, says security is ready to capture criminals
Photo: Unknown 2018-10-09T14:38:08Z

President Yoweri Museveni has today inspected the Uganda police force CCTV project at Natete police station. 

The president made a stopover at the station and watched how the recently installed Closed circuit cameras are working in Kampala metropolitan area. According to the president, the cameras will go a long way into stemming urban crimes.

The project kicked off a few months back and so far at least 900 CCTV cameras have been installed. The first batch consists of 5,552 cameras that will be installed in major towns, key Road junctions and highways across the country.

The cameras that have been installed in strategic areas in Kampala are accompanied by street lights to ensure a 24/7 surveillance.

Police IT department is currently working with the distributor of the cameras, Huawei experts. By September 2018, 80kms of Kampala had been covered. 

President Yoweri Museveni ordered that the cameras are installed after murders of several government and religious leaders in the country. He believes this will help in identifying such criminals who often get away with murder.

The cameras according to police, shall be key in promoting spot on surveillance, traffic flow monitoring, investigation by securing witness cooperation and operational capabilities of detecting number plates of vehicles, faces of suspects among others. 

The president asked members of the public to keep the faith as the problem of urban insecurity perpetuated by armed assassins riding boda bodas will be solved.

“What we needed were eyes, ears and a nose to sense them. It is what the cameras will do. Once we see these criminals, we shall get them” he said.

He added that the problem is not as complex as fighting a war, but an issue of intelligence. “We just need to know who did what. Once we know, these thugs cannot resist us. The game will be finished. Cowards die many times before their death” Mr. Museveni concluded.

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