2018 Anti Corruption Campaign to focus on Education Sector

2018 Anti Corruption Campaign to focus on Education Sector
Photo: Unknown 2018-09-24T08:49:50Z

The Deputy Inspector General of Government George Bamugemereire has this morning launched the 2018 Anti-Corruption Campaign focusing on the Education sector. 

The campaign was launched at Uganda media centre in the presence of officials from the office of the Auditor General (OAG), Inspector General (IG) and Public Procurement Disposal of Public Assets Authority (PPDA) and the press. 

Mr. Bamugemereire said since their partnership with the above mentioned offices started, they have been able to make tremendous achievements in dealing with corruption.

In the last financial year 2017/18, the Inspectorate focused on prevention of corruption initiatives. The IG also managed to train 7017 community members to monitor government projects out of the targeted 2240 putting the success rate of this project at 313%. The project was carried out in Northern Uganda by the inspectorate of government in partnership with civil society.

Office of the Inspectorate of government also inspected 1310 government projects put of the targeted 672, conducted 24 sensitization workshops out of the targeted 24, established 11 partnership and collaboration networks out of the targeted 24, implemented 6 initiatives through partnerships with other government institutions and made 11 collaborations with non state actors out of the targeted 15.

The inspectorate of government also received 22,662 leader s who declared their income, assets and liabilities, completed 58 verifications of leaders’ declarations out of the targeted 65, investigated 16 breaches of the leadership code out of the targeted 25 and traced and identified illicitly acquired assets to a tune of UGX 5.2 billion out of the targeted 2 billion.

According to George Bamugemereire, the IG also successfully investigated 15 high profile cases out of the targeted 6, successfully investigated 1449 corruption cases in local governments out of the targeted 500, successfully followed up 1076 IG recommendations out of the targeted 1657, prosecuted 67 corruption cases, completed 12 judicial review cases, resolved 135 ombudsman complaints in MDAs and resolved 748 ombudsman complaints in local governments.

This year’s anti corruption campaign involves campaigns like; Boardroom sessions with various MDAs, Internal Integrity Campaign for IG, OAG and PPDA    , upcountry drive to engage LGs and citizens, official launch of the Anticorruption week 2018 and procession, Anticorruption court open day, and the Anticorruption Day 2018 press conference slated for December 9th 2018.

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