Police trashes media report on Missing Guns 

Police trashes media report on Missing Guns 
Photo: Unknown 2018-08-09T08:39:46Z

Uganda police force has clarified that it is not aware of any missing guns from its classified stores, or even an investigation by CMI and ISO into their whereabouts.
This follows a story in a local daily that run on Wednesday August 8th titled “Deeper Trouble 4,000 new guns missing in police.”

In a counter statement, police spokesperson Emilian Kayima admits that there was an audit sanctioned by IGP Okoth Martin Ochola, but that its findings were yet to be released. 

“To put the record clear, we are not aware of any guns missing from our classified stores, neither are we aware of any investigation by CMI and ISO on the same. There is no investigation whatsoever in as far as the procurement of one of our aircrafts is concerned” Kayima wrote.

Adding; “However, it is true that the Inspector General of Police, J.M Okoth Ochola sanctioned a gun audit whose findings are yet to be submitted, discussed and shared with parties that must share them.”

Kayima further pokes holes into the anonymous sources quoted in the story, claiming that he as the police spokesperson should have been contacted first and his comment sought before releasing story. He branded the entire story biased. 

“We consider this biased and irresponsible reporting. It can endanger the national security when writers play around with matters of national security in a manner that does not show concern and consciousness” he warned. 

He further advised the daily to retract this story and seek clear positions from the right and credible sources, instead of engaging in what he called “unsubstantiated, unfair and biased reporting” of this nature, which has grave security implications.

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