Norbert Mao Preaches Unity in Divided DP

Norbert Mao Preaches Unity in Divided DP
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President of the Democratic Party, DP has called upon party members to work together for the sake of unity in their party, explaining that he is willing to sit and speak to all aggrieved members.

According to Mao, since the EALA Elections, the party has faced polarization, based on any fundamental principle. At best it is petty squabbling. At one point it was presented as an agitation for reforms in the party.

“However we have since demonstrated that the leadership of the party is championing all the necessary reforms. Some of those at the forefront of this agitation are senior leaders elected to sit on national decision making Organs of the party. We note that there is a striking discrepancy between their conduct and the duty imposed on them as leaders by the party constitution.”

He adds that their so called reform charter is premised on an endless outpouring of falsehoods aimed at duping those who cannot see through their evil scheme to divide and destroy the party. Mao calls it nothing but a glitter of words intended to dazzle, mislead and mesmerize the naive.

The party president adds that these agitators are false prophets, puppets of those who for decades have tried in vain to destroy the party. Their so called mobilization is nothing but a campaign of slander against the party and its leadership. They are poisoning the minds of unsuspecting members of the party and the general public. As they hobnob with enemies of the party, their sole agenda is to demonize the legitimate leaders of the party.

“They seek to tear down rather than build up. Some of us have been away in Aruu North to support our candidate in the recently concluded parliamentary by elections. Anyone who likes lift high the DP flag in areas where the party has been virtually nonexistent deserves praise and support” Mao said.

He promised that with time, such small efforts will bear fruit. “To those who seek to build the party, I say where DP is strong work to consolidate it. Where DP is weak, work to rebuild and strengthen it. The habit of tearing down our strongholds is counterproductive.”

“I am confident that we shall emerge stronger from the turbulence we are experiencing. Internal matters of the party should be discussed through appropriate organs. My door remains open. I am willing to talk to any individual or groups that have any proposals that will make the party stronger. I have neither the time nor inclination to engage in media exchanges with those who seek to distract us from the tasks we were given by the delegates. Over the next few weeks and months, we shall get back to those tasks. Those interested in media exchanges will be engaged by appropriate officials delegated by my office” said Mao.

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