Police and Government Dragged to Court over Nakasero Mosque Raid

Police and Government Dragged to Court over Nakasero Mosque Raid
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Three Muslim faithful's have dragged government to court over the recent security raid on Nakasero Mosque that saw some properties confiscated and some of their members arrested.

In their suit, filed before the High Court in Kampala today, the petitioners; Siraje Nsambu Kifampa, Habib Buwembo and Musa Musuda Yusuf contend that on December 27, 2016, joint security forces comprising of the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces-UPDF and Police, raided Nakasero mosque without a search warrant and made off with an unspecified amount of cash, computers, and motorcycles, among other valuable items.

The trio contends that as a result of the raid, Muslim faithful's at Nakasero and other Mosques are living in fear.

One of the petitioners Musuda, who witnessed the raid, explains in his affidavit that the security personnel indiscriminately battered and arrested whoever was found inside before vandalizing the mosque. He says to-date; the leaders still do not know what the security personnel were searching for.

The concerned Muslim faithful's through their lawyers of Center for Legal Aid; want court to direct the government to unconditionally return all items including computers, mobile phones, motorcycles, money, documents and compact disks containing Islamic teachings that were confiscated from the mosque.

They are also seeking for compensation in form of damages following the police's raid and also an order stopping the police operatives from carrying out further raids.

By press time, court was yet to summon the AG to file in his defense before a hearing date could be fixed.

But a few days after the alleged raid of Nakasero Mosque, Inspector General of Police Kale Kayihura said Police had received vital information detailing how deadly weapons used in killing Muslim clerics were being kept in the Mosque.

In a space of three days, Police raided two Mosques including Masjid Abubaker Sudiq Mosque located in Kiwatule, Kampala and Nakasero.

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