Radio & Weasel Endorse Deena's Music

Photo: Unknown 2015-11-16T08:16:32Z

Germany-born Deena Herr is a music diva ... her incredible talent is enough to boost approval ratings.

In one comment, East Africa's dynamic duo, Radio & Weasel, have also expressed their love and support for the "Mumulete" singer ... and her response is just as amazing as her ego.

Deena Herr showing her fun side

Radio & Weasel called upon Ugandan music lovers to support Deena ... to which she responded "Love you guys and thanks for the support, really appreciate that.".

Deena's latest song "Kankuleke" has already recieved critical acclaim and is steadily gaining popularity.

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Photo: DEENA UG (Facebook)

The music video for Kankuleke was released about 2 days ago ... check it out on youtube!

Should Radio & Weasel work on a collabo with Deena Herr?

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