Meet the white lady “DEENA” who sings in Luganda way better than “Iryn Namubiru” —[Video]

Photo: Unknown 2015-02-19T09:56:32Z

This is amazing! DEENA, a white lady sings songs in Luganda better than you would imagine.

Sorry Juliana, Iryn, Rema, Ntale and Catherine, “Deena” is way better than you combined – and probably speaks better Luganda than you do.

That really hurts, doesn’t it?! We couldn’t help but notice a local vocal talent hidden under a white skin.

Well, everyone is talking about this Video “Mumulete”.  If you listened to this song on radio, you would never think it’s a Muzungu lady pulling off all the distinctive Luganda expressions!

Many people are still in shock, and so am I, after watching the video.

The video was released this week, and many people couldn’t believe their eyes or ears … and were prompted to believe she’s going to give local artistes a run for their money. Others still think she was just lip syncing.

Watch the video and leave us your thoughts in a comment below this post.

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