Juliana Kanyomozi & Ganda boys For 'Something Of My Life' Video Shot

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Uganda’s female artist Juliana Kanyomozi alongside Ganda boys are set to shoot the video for their song titled ‘Something Of My Life.’ In the song, she talks about heartbreak people go through whether it’s their making or not. She also goes ahead to offer words of comfort and encouragement. The song is really touching. You can follow the link below.

The singer who lost her son ‘Keron’ a few months ago talks about how she got into the song and somehow she felt like she was telling her story.

juliannaPhoto of Julianna with her son Keron(RIP)

You can Listen and Read the Lyrics: Something Of My Life

Juliana was recently in a meeting with the Ganda Boys on which concept and story line they should involve when they are to shoot Video this month.


The diva has now decided to involve her beloved fans to come up with ideas on how they think, Video should look like:

“Watsup Juliana fam. Ganda Boys and I are in preparations to shoot the video for our song ‘Something Of My Life’. We would like to involve you in the making of this video. Please feel free to share your ideas on what you would like to see. Blessings” She said

Juliana has been on vacation and she seems to have now come back to work. After securing a juicy job as Oriflame’s ambassador in Uganda.

juliana KPhoto of Julianna Look super hot with the Oriflame make up

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