I Will Not Apologize to Bebe Cool - Black Skin

I Will Not Apologize to Bebe Cool - Black Skin
Photo: Unknown 2021-12-01T19:21:28Z

Songwriter Black Skin is not ready to say sorry to musician Bebe Cool for tarnishing his name. 

He was arrested on Sunday over blackmail and put behind bars at Jinja Road Police station before he was released.

In an interview with a local newspaper, Black Skin explained he is fighting for his music and time invested to write lyrics.

He said the Gagamel boss has no control over the industry and he will not apologize to him because what he stated is right.

"No one owns this industry, the main point is not about me attacking Bebe Cool, it's about my song, my sweat and I am not apologizing," he is quoted.

Black Skin has been battling with Bebe Cool for over two months now over the singer's failure to pay 100%  for the  "Gyenvude" song which tells Bebe Cool's story.

He vowed to send him into retirement because he doesn't want to pay creators yet he cannot make music on his own.

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