I No longer Pay for Music Production  - Chagga Brags

I No longer Pay for Music Production  - Chagga Brags
Photo: Unknown 2021-10-17T18:53:30Z

Musician Chagga has been active in the Ugandan music industry for many years. He has nurtured and managed many artists.

He had taken a music break, but he is back in the studio working on new songs.

He disclosed he will drop the album very soon. He bragged that his fans keep demanding fresh vibes from him.

"I have fans who demand new songs. People who are in my age bracket still need to hear me roar," he explained in an interview.

He noted that he doesn't spend money on music production because he has a hand in almost every studio in Kampala.

"I no longer pay for studio sessions. I have helped most of the studio owners to be where they are. Most of them owe me favors. You don't expect me to pay like the upcoming musician who doesn't know anyone in the music family," he boasted anyone

Chagga made the revelations during an interview with BBS TV.

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