Nubian Li Didn't Visit Me When I Was Shot - Bebe Cool

Nubian Li Didn't Visit Me When I Was Shot - Bebe Cool
Photo: Unknown 2021-10-12T19:34:13Z

When Bebe Cool took to social media to congratulate musician Nubian Li upon his wedding, social media users attacked him for being a hypocrite.

A social media user, Kayiwa Dereck wrote, “You should remember people at their worst moment, not in their happiness. Nubian Li was in detention for almost a year, you never visited him or even raised your voice to defend him but now you’re remembering him upon his happiness just because you managed to team up with Chameleone. You’re looking for ways to team up with Nubian Lee, your mission with Government is to make Bobi Wine remain alone.”

Bebe Cool was quick to fire back saying Nubian Li never visited him when he was shot or sympathize with him when he lost his son. “Kayiwa Dereck, did you see him visit me in the hospital when I was shot or did u see him say sorry to me when I lost my son, Shortcut? But to silence ignorant people like you, I refresh memory. Otherwise congratulations Nubi,' Bebe Cool responded.

It should be noted that in early 2010, Bebe Cool was shot in the leg and was left nursing injuries while in December 2020, Nubian Li was sent to jail for six months after getting arrested in Kalangala.

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