Eddy Kenzo Responds to “Tupaate' Remix critics 

Eddy Kenzo Responds to “Tupaate' Remix critics 
Photo: Unknown 2021-09-05T20:00:36Z

Musician Pia Pounds teamed with Mc Africa and Eddy Kenzo to release the 'Tupaate' remix on Friday. The song that had been broadcasted in 2020 gained momentum this year after a video of Mc Africa jamming to it went viral online.

After the trio dropped the remix, many music critics bashed Eddy Kenzo for underperforming on the song. 

They have continued to make their feelings known on social media. 

They claim his verses are very average and instead of improving the song, he made it worse than the original version.

But another section of fans contends that the song is big because of the BET Award winner. 

Eddy Kenzo, who seems not bothered by haters has been reminding his followers that the song is trending at number one.

 “Every day is a party day. Abampalana ngamulabye. We are trending No.1 Shine bright Pia Pounds,” he wrote.

Eddy Kenzo is one of the most successful musicians in Uganda.

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