Fille Talks Music, Co-parenting, and love 

Fille Talks Music, Co-parenting, and love 
Photo: Unknown 2021-06-10T18:29:52Z

Musician Fille Mutoni took a musical break for her health and sanity. She needed to put her mind in the right place so that she can make good music when she finally returns.

While at Serena Hotel last weekend, she opened a lid about music, parenting, and the future.

She explained that music is her life, even while away from the social scene, she has been making music. 

She recently featured on Gravity Omutujju's song, "Dirty".

She added that time away from the spotlight gave her enough time to spend it with her daughter, Abigail, whom she shares with Mc Kats.

The former lovers met in 2013  before they started dating.

She also cleared the air saying that she hasn't rekindled love with Mc Kats.

He is an excellent dad, but their relationship couldn't work out. 

"Mc Kats is a good father who keeps looking out for his children. He picks up his daughter, who stays with me, and takes her out. I take his advice on music and he still pledges to help me whenever the need arises," she partly said in an interview with a local television YouTuber.

She added that Mc Kats promised to help her out in music promotion and distribution though he is no longer her manager.

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