Fille Hints on Quitting Secular Music for Gospel 

Fille Hints on Quitting Secular Music for Gospel 
Photo: Unknown 2021-06-08T20:09:26Z

Musician Fille has been off the limelight for months now. She took time off the social scene to evaluate her life goals, health, and life in general.

On Friday, she attended the  Desire Luzinda's foundation launch at Serena Hotel where she spoke about her hiatus and future.

Most notably, she was asked whether she ever considers following Luzinda’s footsteps, to quit secular and start doing gospel to which she responded in affirmative.

“I have always been a church girl. I’m going to be releasing a lot of gospel music soon. I’m inspired and proud of Desire Luzinda’s journey,” Fille explained.

Desire Luzinda returned to Uganda to officially announce the start of her  NGO named  “Desire Luzinda Foundation International (DLFI)”.

Other co-founders include; Mathew Takatamoe and Eric Ndawula who are also her church members of Phaneroo.

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