Akon Was Amazed By My Musical Success — Pallaso 

Akon Was Amazed By My Musical Success — Pallaso 
Photo: Unknown 2021-06-05T06:31:35Z

Weeks back, pictures of Pallaso having a chat with Akon surfaced online. These sparked off rumors that Pallaso was in line to do a song with Akon and also get signed to Konvict Music.

Pallaso, has however, put the rumors to rest by clarifying that he is not going to join the label.

“I was invited to the meeting with Akon by Hamis Kiggundu, the brains behind Hamza APP, a social network for which I’m an ambassador,” he said in an interview.

Pallaso says that at the meeting, Akon was amazed at how Pallaso’s music was moving in Uganda.

“He told me he had been listening to my music since he arrived in Uganda. And he was amazed at how I do it. He has been trying to push artists in Uganda but with little success. We are now going to work together to push artists,” Pallaso said.

Pallaso has been on top of his game for the last two years

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