I spent over 300M while in Ivory Coast -  Kenzo

I spent over 300M while in Ivory Coast -  Kenzo
Photo: Unknown 2021-05-02T20:38:12Z

Award-winning singer Eddy Kenzo had traveled to Ivory Coast for a gig when the pandemic, COVID-19 broke out in Uganda,  forcing the government to close borders.

The star was stranded in the West African country, Ivory Coast for months and this almost sent him depression. 

According to Eddy Kenzo, uncontrolled spending was one of the reasons he missed home. 

During an interview over the weekend, Eddy Kenzo said he had spent over Ugx 300M by the time he returned to Uganda.

Eddy Kenzo is one of the richest musicians in Uganda. The star has accumulated wealth from International gigs and endorsements.

He currently owns three houses, a record label, a recording studio and band, a football academy, a BMW X6, a Toyota Landcruiser V8, a Toyota Alphard, and a beach in Masaka.

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