I Will Bring A Grammy Award Home - Pallaso 

I Will Bring A Grammy Award Home - Pallaso 
Photo: Unknown 2021-05-02T20:28:26Z

Musician Pallaso has been consistently releasing hit music for two consecutive years. He has enjoyed the most airplay on TV and Radio 2021.

With songs like "Malamu", "Ani Oyo", and "Nalonda Nemala" among others. 

Talking about his success in the industry, the entertainer said he is seeking to win the most prestigious award for Uganda. He has set his eyes on the Grammys.

"With the help of my management, Chameleone, and Weasel plus all my fans, I am sure of bringing the Grammy award for Uganda. It's possible and with all who know how far I have come, you will witness it," he said in an interview with local television.

The musician has crowned the best male artist and the overall musician in the Zina awards that took place on Friday.

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