Malamu is my Best Song of All-time - Pallaso

Malamu is my Best Song of All-time - Pallaso
Photo: Unknown 2021-02-03T19:36:10Z

Musician Pallaso is currently one of the most selling musicians in Uganda. His songs have been topping charts since last year.

The singer says his song titled "Mulamu" turned his fortune around. It opened doors that he thought at one time were closed for good.

"I have released a lot of songs but "Malamu" is my best among all. I think I listen to that song every day and it has a special place in my heart," he said in an interview with a YouTuber.

Pallaso attributes his music success to hard work and resilience. In six months, he has released songs such as "Ekilo muzikiza", "Malamu", "ani Oyo", and "what's money" among others.  These songs play on different TV and Radio stations across the country.

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