Rema's Manager Vows to Fight for Musicians Rights

Rema's Manager Vows to Fight for Musicians Rights
Photo: Unknown 2021-01-20T21:19:29Z

Talent manager Kayemba Solomon who was elected as MP for  Bukomansimbi South vowed to put musicians at the front of his discussions in the Parliament.

He believes the music industry contributes much to the economy of Uganda and it should be given priority.

In an interview with local television, he said the industry has been lacking numbers to prioritize their ideas but it's high time the entertainers take control of the debate.

"I am looking at involving all the stakeholders in the music industry, we now have the numbers to raise our concerns in Parliament, our voices will be heard," he partly said.

Musicians such as Hilderman, Racheal Magoola, and Geoffrey Lutaaya also scooped slots for the Parliament.

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