Bebe Cool Hits Back at Nigerian Singer Tems 

Bebe Cool Hits Back at Nigerian Singer Tems 
Photo: Unknown 2020-12-20T20:23:08Z

When Nigerian singer Tems was released from the police cells in Uganda and allowed to fly back to her country, the first thing she did was throw a series of jabs at Bebe Cool accusing him of bribing police officers to give him their charge sheet and position himself as the hero in their case.

She went as far as warning Bebe Cool never to step foot in Nigeria.

Appearing on a talk show over the weekend, Bebe Cool, described Tems as a young girl who is acting childish and that doesn’t surprise him.

According to Bebe Cool, the flight to Uganda was Tems’ first-ever outside her country. He also added that she lacks knowledge of the African music industry since she is new.

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