Buchaman To Help Army Clean Up Ghetto 

Buchaman To Help Army Clean Up Ghetto 
Photo: Unknown 2020-10-25T22:11:22Z

A week ago, authorities raided Buchaman’s home in Luwafu, Makindye and confiscated all military  wear in his possession.  The items that were taken by authorities included; trousers, shirts, vests, belts, shoes, caps and rain coats. 

He has now promised to help the Army clean up the Ghettos by taking away all military outfits used by the Ghetto youth.

He vowed to arrest  anyone who will resist surrendering the military fatigues.

“This operation will start from Kamwokya and I will be heading there to collect all the uniforms and not just that, I am also going to arrest whoever fails to handover the military fatigues, ” Buchaman said

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