Cindy wrote my first song at no cost - Sheebah

Cindy wrote my first song at no cost - Sheebah
Photo: Unknown 2020-10-11T18:01:40Z

Sheebah is without any doubt one of the most successful musicians in Uganda.

She recently sqooped a nomination in MTV Europe Music Awards on top of releasing numerous hit songs every year.

Sheebah is also well known for standing, helping and representing the girl-child. 

During a recent interview with Spark TV’s Kasuku, Sheebah revealed that Cindy wrote her very first professional song at a free cost. 

The song was recorded at Washington’s studio. 

“I paid Washington the money I had saved from working in bars. I was lucky Cindy wrote that song for free,” Sheebah revealed. 

It should be noted that Cindy and Sheebah's beef was escalated by media streams and social media. The debate centered on who is better than the other.

And when the musical performance battle was suggested, Cindy responded, "We are not at the same level. Sheebah is a great artiste, she is very entertaining. She just needs a little more practice, then we can settle the score."
Cindy also called Sheebah a "CD artiste" who continues to rely on CDs to perform.

"You cannot do a battle on CD. It has to be live," Cindy provoked.
Sheebah reminded Cindy that she owns no mansion despite spending so many years in the music industry.

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