Gravity Omutujju Ditches Chameleone For Erias Lukwago 

Gravity Omutujju Ditches Chameleone For Erias Lukwago 
Photo: Unknown 2020-09-17T20:25:29Z

Rapper Gravity Omutujju was seen on Wednesday performing at Erias Lukwago’s home while he was launching his campaign manifesto.

While talking to press, Gravity explained why he chose to align with Erias Lukwago over Chameleone.

The luga flow artiste said he favours Lukwago because he has always been hands on.

“Erias Lukwago has been around and we have all witnessed how hands-on he is. He has always been on ground everytime something happens in Kampala. He was the first on the scene when the church was demolished in Ndeeba,he has always been involved in many issues that affect the locals so I believe he’s the right person,” he told the press.

Gravity confirmed he will campaign for Lukwago in the coming elections.

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